iPhone/iPod Touch  Application

Have an application that you’ve wanted for quite some time? Always missing the sales?

AppChecker is for you!

AppChecker does as it says – checks prices on applications in the App Store for you! Better yet, it will notify you when your favourite apps are on sale!

You will never miss a bargain again!

Prices are changing all the time in the App Store – sometimes just for the day!

If you want to save your hard earned money, AppChecker is for you!

Simply launch AppChecker and select your country – that simple!

As an added bonus you can create a wish list for all those applications you have always wanted, then when the sales happen you get a notification! Even when the app isn’t running!

It gets better – you can check reviews of the applications in up to 20 countries. All in ONE window! This will help you see what other users have rated and reviewed the application quickly and simply!

AppChecker will help you save money and get more out of your iPhone/iPod Touch with all those applications you love – but at lower prices!

AppChecker really does its job!

*Network connection is required to use AppChecker.

*Price data and ranking data are not synchronized with App Store and are updated every 60 minutes or so, please be aware that review data requires more time be updated.

*Sometimes the price changes rapidly, before buying any application on App Store, recheck its price to make sure you are still getting the best deal.


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