Revolutionary improved!

See how BB dances.

Listen to your music.

Tap and join.

Special price for a limited time!!!

Breaking Bear now works as a music player!

You can easily let BB dance with your favorite songs.

Also fill-in mode lets you join in dancing by tapping and cheering.


BreakingBear called BB in short is a teddy bear and a breakin' dancer.

She has learned some cool dances to show off.

You may select built in rhythms to let her dance with.But we think its much more fun for you to select and play your favorite music in your iPhone or in your iPod when she dances.

You can direct her tempos how fast or slow she dances for you.

Our recommendation is hip hop music without any doubt, but do not hesitate to try some Vivaldi and Joe Satriani, they are our favorites and they do fit.

BB is still very eager for learning some new steps. It will not be long before she show her new steps for you as free upgrade.

So buy it now and have some fun with BB.

1)Fill-in mode is added.

In this mode, You can make sound by tapping one of the buttons to cheer on BB.

In landscape mode, hit one of the buttons when they grow red.

Also music player functionality is added.

2)Music player is added.

In portrait mode, tap i button at bottom right. Then tap sprawled bear button to select a music to play.

After you have selected a song(s) to play, you can see minute information of the song currently playing by tapping album artwork.


Breaking Bear

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iPhone/iPod Touch  Application

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