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Fukuwarai is a traditional Japanese game played during new years holiday.

How to play this game is so simple.

A player who is blindfolded put some parts of a face such as eyes, eyebrows,

a nose and a mouth onto a blank face.

After every parts are placed,  see and laugh how funny face a player has made.

We have brought this tradition to come back to life again on iPhone/iPod touch with new features.

There are three different mode you can choose.

Easy mode: Use your finger to slide each part of a face to a proper position, tap a part to rotate to a proper direction.

Normal mode: Adding to these easy mode features, all parts try to escape from your finger unless you tap exact center of a parts. Also a blank face are hidden while you are playing. So you have to move parts without seeing where to locate these parts. A hidden face is shown again when you have done.

Extreme mode: Adding to these normal mode features, parts move by themselves when accelerometer sensed an acceleration. So you have to be very carefull to hold your iPhone/iPod touch.

A face appears in the game is randomly changed as you shake your iPhone/iPod Touch while "Start" button is shown.

Put their faces back together and have some fun with your family and your



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