Alternative music player for your iPhone/iPod Touch!

It looks like an old LP Player but it plays your songs in your music Library in iPhone/iPod Touch.

You can add some analog player like noise on your songs when you like to be a little nostalgic.

Also you can play some scratch rhythms with your songs by scratching a disc.

iPhone/iPod Touch /iPad Application

LP Player

Add a taste of LP records playing noise to a sound of music you are playing on your iPhone/iPodTouch with LP Player.

Launch LP Player first, then tap Music button bottom right to select a music in your iPhone/iPod Touch.

Make sure to set "Music" is on in a settings view to play music.

Drag arm and put a needle down on a record, it makes a noise just like you are listening to LP records.

LP Player takes you back to good old days with listening to classic rock , jazz and classical musics.

Also it would be fun to play with newly released musics which only been sold by CDs.


-Alter a quality of noise due to a condition of a LP record from four different levels.

You can choose it between A+ to C. A+ is the highest quality and C stands for a very poor LP record quality. To change this quality, swipe a record on the screen.

Choosing B or C is preferable when you play some good old music. It makes sound just like it.

-Choose a volume level of noise to fit to a music you are playing.

Select from low, mid and high to fit to a music you are playing.

LP player, for the elder people, brings you back to your good old days, and for the younger people, it will take you back to the time when your mom and dad were young.

It's so tasty.


Swipe a disc on a turntable with your finger to make scratch noise.

In the settings view, if you set "Scratch only" to ON you can only make scratch noise and OFF you can make scratch noise with your music.

There is one problem has been reported from one of our customer. The customer reported that even if he doesn't set his iPod as Shuffle mode, LP Player plays songs in random order.

So far we can not reproduce this problem. If anyone who have encountered the same problem, please send us an email about how it has happened. It will be of great help to improve this product.

Thank you!

Bug report:

After you have changed your language settings, LP Player's music selection does not work in some rare occasion. Mostly it can be solved by restarting your device's by power off and on. But in some very rare occasion, this restarting procedure does not solve the problem. If you have encountered this problem, please delete LP Player once and reinstall LP Player again.

What's new in the next version:

Lyrics view is added.

It searches lyrics from web and lyrics embedded in your songs.

Tap center of disc while songs are playing, then tap lyrics button.

Tap title to close lyrics view.

Hi-Scores LP Player

iPhone/iPod Touch  Application

How to Use LP Player On iPad

How to Use LP Player On iPad

How to Use LP Player On iPad

How to Use LP Player On iPad

How to Use LP Player On iPad

Hi-Scores LP Player

LP Player