Panda Player

iPhone/iPod Touch Application

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iPhone/iPod Touch Application

Panda Player is a custom made music player for your iPhone/iPod Touch.

You can play any music in your iPhone/iPod Touch with Panda Player.

And this is not a ordinary music player.

A pretty panda bear jumps and dances with your music.

It's a fun!


1) Launch Panda Player.

2) In portrait mode, you can tap a button bottom right of the view to select music to play.

3) In landscape mode, you can tap one of five button when they are multi colored. Then a panda bear dances and jumps.

4) If you leave a panda bear alone, he enjoys himself.

5) Music continues while Panda Player is running.

6) When you get a phone call, panda player stops. And when your phone call is done, it starts again.

Listen to your favorite music with panda bear one of the most beloved animal on this planet.

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