Fire edition

Splatter edition

abcDJ consits of 5 main components.

1) Analog Player 1

2) Analog Player 2

These 2 players can play songs you have sent from your PC.

Real time pitch controls.

Super realistic scratches.

Turn tables are individually Start and Stop by pushing their power buttons.

So you can either play song on a player or scratch only on the other player alternatively.

Tap wifi icon to start a server then follow the instruction shown on your screen.

It tells you how to upload your song from your PC to your iPhone/iPod Touch.

Tap note icon to select a song you want to play on a turntable.

Turn a motor on and move an arm.

3) CD Player

It plays your songs in your iPod library.

Turn power on your CD player.

By tapping eject button, you can choose any music in your iPod library.

4) Effects

Over 50 builtin effect sounds like horns, guns, car crash and so on.

You can sound more than two sounds simultaneously.

5) Mixer

You can mix above 4 sound sources independently.

Also you can cross fade these 2 analog players sounds.

All of the artworks are inspired from a night in a airport.

It looks so cool and gorgeous.

And it works as you are playing real DJ tools.

Fire edition



Splatter edition


iPhone/iPod Touch /iPad Application

Do you want to play your songs like professional DJs do?

Do you like to scratch with your selected tracks as you scratch it for real?

Do you want to show off what you have installed in your iPhone/iPod Touch?

Do you want to have something beautiful in your iPhone/iPod Touch?

And if you do not want to spend more than 5$ for one DJ application.

If any of the above meet your requirement, abcDJ is for you!

The most beautiful iPhone/iPod Touch DJ application ever.


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