abcDJ HD

The most comprehensive turntable/CD based DJ application ever on iPad.

You can easily upload your music file(s) to abcDJ HD via File Sharing and

start mixing two songs, adding some sounds with a effect pad, scratching and

so forth.

Quick instruction:

1) abcDJ consists of two analog/CD players, a mixer, a effect pad and a


2) To move between players and a mixer, grab vertical bar on landscape mode

with your finger  and slide it right and left.

3) To show a effect pad, grab a caret on the top of a view and slide it


Select one from four sets and tap a pad to play sound.

4) To show a settings, grab a caret on the bottom and slide it up. Here you

can select analog turntable or CD player. Also you can select a skin from

normal or fire.

5) Tap a note mark and select a song you'd like to play on a player.

Uploading song file(s) via iTunes:

1) Connect your iPad to your iTunes.

2) Select your iPad on the left side of you iTunes.

3) Select "App" tab and see File Sharing below.

4) Select abcDJ HD and upload your song file(s) to abcDJ HD.

5) Show settings and tap "File convert" to convert song file(s) you uploaded

for abcDJ HD.

Split mode:

1) Usually use MASTER mode but for some special occasion you can use SPLIT

mode for your monitoring purpose.

2) Go to for further



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