iPhone/iPod Touch Application

and Scratch

Finally a real scratch application has come to your iPhone/iPod touch.

A CD player to play any song(s) in your iPod library.

And a turntable to play your uploaded music from your Mac/PC.

Also there are 10 built-in songs to play on a turntable for your convenience.

You can manipulate a turntable to scratch while a CD player playing a song or you can enjoy to play your music on a turntable itself.

So you can add your emotional scratch rhythms with a song in your iPod library.

and Scratch internally builds a reverse sound file for your real scratch experience.

Simple instruction:

1) Launch "and Scratch".

2) Goto a CD player by tapping a red button on top right of a screen.

3) Select any song(s) from your ipod library.

4) Then tap play button to play.

5) Again tap a red button on top right of a screen.

6) Select a turntable.

7) Tap note sign button to select a song to play on a turntable.

8) Move an arm.

9) You may start or not start a motor of a turntable.

10) Go scratch!!!!

11) Also you can change sound volumes of a CD player and a turntable independently.

12) By tapping WiFi button, you can upload your song to play on a turntable.

*Wifi connection on the same network for both your iPhone/iPod touch and Mac/PC to upload a song to your iPhone/iPod touch.

Uploading file size are limited to under 30MB for better scratching experience.

and Scratch Fire edition

and Scratch

Fire edition

and Scratch

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and Scratch

andScratch Fire edition

and Scratch