iTurntable HD

iPad Application


Turntable for your joy of scratching!

The first real turntable for scratching over a song you are playing on your iPad!

With iTurntable, you can scratch as real DJs do.

There are some built-in scratch beats but it would be much more fun to use your own song file(s) sending from your PC/Mac. Yes you can send your own song file(s) from your PC/Mac to iTurntable.

Simply tap WiFi button and start a web browser on your PC/Mac.

Then enter an URL shown on your iTurntable. Select a song file and let it go to your iTurntable.

It's so simple. All you need is a PC/Mac and your iPad connected on the same network.

Tap tone note button and select a song file you want to play on a turntable.

Move an arm on a disc. You may start a motor or not.

Pitch control and volume control are available as well.

Also there are three skins, normal, fire and splatter, available for your enjoyments.

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Splatter editioniTurntable.htmliTurntable.htmlshapeimage_11_link_0

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